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Let Me Make Medicare Easy for You

Where Do I Go?  What Do I Do?  What If I Make A Mistake?  Help!

How well I remember when I became eligible for Medicare!  I was working as a pharmaceutical representative, and was really concerned that I understood what would happen to my family's health insurance as I transitted to Medicare.  I was worried that I would somehow miss a deadline or worse, do something that would compromise our health insurance coverage as we knew it.  I called my employer's Human Resource department many times until I was reasonably sure I understood it.  Then I took the plunge into Medicare....without a problem!


I understand your concerns as you qualify for Medicare.  I know first hand how important it is to work with someone experienced who listens.  Receiving answers and assistance from someone who cares is key to your peace of mind.


I want to understand your Medicare health insurance needs.  You tell me what matters most to you regarding your health care coverage. We'll explore Medicare insurance plans that provide the right solutions to meet your unique requirements and situation.


My Emphasis Is Not To Sell You A Policy, But To Find The Right Solution For You


If there's anything you need or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. I am here to help.