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When We Meet-Here's What Happens




Medicare requires that when I meet with you I must provide you with a “Scope of Appointment” form which you sign and I retain, granting me permission to discuss only the types of health insurance plans that are important to you.  


This form is for your protection so that you are in control of what types of plans we discuss when we are together.


Whether you want to meet in a face to face setting, such as your home or a coffee shop, or if you prefer to discuss your insurance in a remote setting by phone or a Zoom meeting, you'll know all your options for accessing your Medicare benefits.


We'll talk about what you currently have and there is absolutely no pressure to make changes at any time.


If you are currently on Medicare, you'll want your red, white, and blue Medicare card with you and any other current health care membership card you're using.


You'll tell me what matters most to you in receiving healthcare and in your health insurance.


  • Tell me what you have now and what you like about your current health insurance plan.
  • What doctors are most important to you?  Is it a specialist or your family doctor?
  • What things would you want to add to your plan to make it tailor made for your needs?  A fitness membership?  Access to calling 24 hour nurse advice line to answer questions and give advice?
  • Is there someone who helps you with health care decisions you'd like to join us at our meeting?

Here are some questions for you to think about before we meet:


  • Do you pay a monthly cost for your current coverage?
  • What's the monthly cost of a new plan you are considering?
  • Thinking back over this year, how much did you spend for doctor visits, hospital stays, or diagnostic tests?
  • Do you think your healthcare needs will increase or decrease next year?

Think about the prescription drugs that you are taking now:


  • If you are thinking of a Medicare Advantage plan with prescription drug coverage, are your medicines listed on that plan's covered drug list?
  • What share of cost will you pay each month?
  • Would you want a plan that included a mail-delivery pharmacy for drugs you take regularly?

Think about how and where you currently see your doctor and receive your care.


  • Are you here year round?  
  • Do you travel or stay in other areas for an extended period of time?   
  • Would you want a plan that would allow you to receive care in other areas in Arizona or other states?

Every private health insurance plan that offers a Medicare Advantage plan has to cover the same benefits that Medicare does.  This is a requirement by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid.  Some plans offer additional services or features you might find useful, such as a gym membership, transportation, or a 24/7 Nurse Advise Line.


Thinking about these points will help make your choosing a health insurance plan simpler and easier for you.


I look forward to setting a time and place to meet that is convenient for you to share with me what matters most to you.


Call me at 520-484-3807 or email me at if you would like a licensed insurance agent call or email you about Medicare Advantage, Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plans and/or Medicare Supplement Insurance.


My goal is to be trusted resource to you in your choosing your health insurance.


At your service,


Leah Kari