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Indemnity Plans: A Great Way to Address Gap Costs

Chances are your health insurance plan leaves you with out-of-pocket expenses. Are you covered by a Medicare Advantage with inpatient hospital co-pays? Whether you are covered by individual health insurance, group medical insurance or Medicare, co-pays and deductibles are a reality and these costs must be paid.


Hospital Indemnity Insurance can provide gap coverage to help offset these expenses. This type of insurance can pay you a daily benefit. The money can be used to help with hospital co-pays or it can be used to help with incidental expenses not covered by your medical insurance.


Some policies may pay you additional benefits beyond inpatient hospital stays. Ambulance trips, skilled nursing facility visits, outpatient surgery and durable medical equipment are just a few of the ancillary benefits available with Hospital Indemnity Policies.


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Footnote: This is a brief overview of the coverage that can be included in an Indemnity Insurance policy. You should read a policy thoroughly before purchasing any insurance policy.